NGF Carbon Fibre Cord Products

Carbon Fibre Cord

Carbon Fibre Cord

The high strength-to-weight ratio of carbon fibre make it ideal for those demanding applications where a high performance reinforcement is critical, such as Ultra-High Performance (UHP) tires and specialized timing belts. Our RFL treated 6K and 12K cords offer the optimum solution by providing high strength, high modulus and flexibility. As well, we produce a treated, chopped version (CF RICS – Rubber Impregnated Chopped Strand), available in 3mm or 6mm lengths, which can be incorporated into critical areas to enhance properties.

The table below outlines single-ended products based upon commercially available filament types. These can be combined into any number of final cord constructions as may be required by the end-use application (example; 12K 3x0 with an approximate diameter of 2.0 mm).


Input Input fibre tex
Treated cord tex
Treated cord DPU
Approximate cord diameter
(mm) – single twisted strand
6K 400 500 24.5 0.7
12K 800 1000 25.0 1.1

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